According to the Harvard Business Review, nearly 100 powerful people have been accused of sexual harassment translating to most likely thousands in the every day workplace. Many of the perpetrators have been able to repeat the same offense repeatedly for years because no one felt empowered enough to raise the red flag. The perpetrators have been able to abuse their positions of trust and are considered to be the “best” in their fields. Recently CNN contributors, Brynn Gingras and Emanuella Ginnberg, wrote about a respected voice coach in Manhattan who had preyed on many of his aspiring voice students for years. He had been able to do this because they did not know about each other and had felt “alone” and powerless. You can read the full article on [CNN]( Be warned that this article contains graphic details.

All of us have to raise awareness and work towards a common goal of stopping sexual harassment and finding solutions that work. Take the Pledge that appears at the top of this page today and commit to changing the future for our children.