1. I have been in the workforce for 40 years and I have seen and experienced my share of sexual harassment, however, the most devastated I have been was when providing sexual favors was condoned as a way to achieve a desired business deal. I have witnessed female escorts being provided as entertainment for a group of influential male clients. This action was 100% supported by the parent company. Needless to say what few female executives that were present were both embarrassed and repulsed and we had to endure this behavior because there was no one to complain to. Granted everyone was a consenting adult but the fact “sex” became a tool of business was humiliating and disheartening to think success was not always achieved by the best man/woman. I was reminded of the fact that sex is still being utilized as a business tool in a recent article in The Real Deal (New York real estate[ news](https://therealdeal.com/issues_articles/is-real-estate-bro-culture-going-limp/)), titled Inside Real Estate’s Bro Culture, that wrote about how the commercial real estate business in New York is predominately male and their clients, the developers are 100% male a combination that lends itself to some unsavory business tactics. Fortunately most big businesses have shied away from this practice but they still leave a lot to be desired when handling workplace issues, whether it be sexual harassment or harassment in general. We need the #NowWhat campaign to change permanently the motto “whatever it takes” to “may the best man/woman win”.