There are many different groups out there that “rate” the best cities to live when you retire and they all seem to have different spins on what they measure. More organizations are considering the new retiree who wants to travel, participate in outdoors sports, and enjoy an active social scene; these attributes are almost as important to them as housing affordability and favorable weather conditions. While Florida is still up there when ranking retirement cities, however, there is only one Florida city, Sarasota, in the top five ranked by Emily Brandon, Senior Retirement Editor of U.S. News, there are two in cities that are definitely not in warm weather states, Lancaster, Pa. and Grand Rapids, Michigan, and two in the state of Texas, San Antonia and El Paso. CNBC recently released their list which was a culmination of several group ratings whereby Salt Lake City, Utah, and Pittsburgh, Pa., topped their list. CNBC also reported that according to; Walnut Creek, California and Reno, Nevada are ranked one and two. Taking a wider view and not ranking cities the two top states ranked most favorable for retirees are Florida and Texas. The bottom line the best city for you to retire will be based on YOU and what is important to you.