As we honor Mothers everywhere this weekend, you can celebrate Freedom from Fistula’s 10th Anniversary: 10 years of Freedom. Over the last 10 years they have helped almost120,000 mothers and children and safely delivered over 10,000 babies. The fight goes on. Join their campaign to eradicate the birthing injury of obstetric fistula. Save a life by joining the C-Section connection and sponsor a mother who needs a c-section. This Mother’s Day join FFF and Neale Godfrey in the C-Section Connection. Sponsor a mother who needs a fistula preventing c-section and become part of our sisterhood of mothers. “I had never heard of this horrifying condition,” says Neale. “I had two routine caesarean births and welcomed my perfect children into the world, never fully realizing how lucky I was.” In Africa, 2 million women suffer daily from obstetric fistula after being unable to receive a C-section; a medical procedure most deem routine. Make the C-Section Connection. Just $250 provides for a c-section $1,000 for a life-changing fistula surgery ‚ÄčTo make your tax-deductible contribution, click here: