From working with Jackie O to Stephen King, Nancy Evans was a force in publishing before starting Family Life magazine. With the birth of her daughter, Nancy noticed that the magazines for parents were old-fashioned, mom-centric and house-focused. After that success, she then became the founding President and Editor in Chief of iVillage, the Web’s earliest and most successful online destination for women.

Started in 1995 when less than 11% of the people online were women, iVillage led women online to a 51% share by the time of the company’s IPO, by creating the first original programming for the Web. She’s now the head of Women’s Media Lab, a consulting group she founded to work with both startups and big brands.

Through it all, Nancy has led with innovation and garnered admiration for her incredible contributions. But some of her great success came at an unspoken cost: dealing with harassment and sexist attitudes. Today Neale and Nancy have a very candid conversation about the decades that preceded #MeToo.

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