By Margaret Manning

(excerpt from Huffington Post)

If you are a young woman reading this article, be aware that the idea of being a “good girl” is one of the most common things older women say held them back and caused pain in their lives. If you start to challenge this now, you have a greater chance of living free of other’s expectations, feeling worthy and finding more fun and adventure in your life.

I’m getting over it, but what a shame it’s taken so long! It concerns me when I see signs of it in my daughter in her 30s.

All my life I have been trying to get my parents’ approval.

As I’ve gotten older, others’ opinions of me matter less and less. Now it’s more about being true to myself rather than trying always to please others. I’ve felt it my entire life. Now because I am single in my 60s and wanting to find love again, it is really, really there.

The movie “Frozen” reveals a road-map for the journey from being a “good girl” to one defined by self-acceptance and confidence. I would suggest that you [listen to the song “Let It Go”]( “listen to the song “Let It Go””) and join Elsa as she sings “I’m never going back; the past is in the past! That perfect girl is gone.” For young women, go create your own beautiful unbounded, empowered life now.

Don’t wait until you are 60. If you are in your 60s, don’t wait for another second.