Neale Godfrey teaches women that life is more than multi-tasking personal and professional life; it is about learning to prioritize to increase productivity and reduce stress.

Every woman will benefit from a woman who has “been there and done that,” giving an entrepreneurial blueprint and skill set that every mother and executive must adopt and exhibit in her daily life.


If motherhood is the toughest and most rewarding job many women will have, it’s also one to which they’re least likely to bring their workplace skills.

Every day, women at work supervise, organize, and delegate authority. We create budgets, think creatively, put visions into practice, and work toward clearly defined goals. Yet when we go home and are faced with the needs and demands of managing a household and family, we seem to forget the strategies that worked for us so successfully during the workday.

Let Neale Godfrey show you how to incorporate effective business concepts and procedures into better home and family management. Just as women brought their emotional intelligence into the office, they can now take their work skills — like outsourcing, delegating, and project management — and put them to use at home. You can’t fire the kids, but you can make them effective members of your household team.

Neale will give you all the tools you need, from creating a family mission statement to tips that help you set priorities and goals. Neale will also show you how to turn ongoing problems into manageable projects and provides effective communication techniques to defuse emotionally charged situations. And, Neale will share anecdotes, advice, and real-life solutions to take into your own homes.