Neale Godfrey delivers Inspiring and entertaining anecdotes of her own juggling act, balancing an executive and entrepreneurial career with the challenges of being a single mother. Through it all, Neale achieved her dreams while raising her children to do the same.

Work-life balance? What’s that!? Neale Godfrey has “been there and done that.” As a single Mom, executive, and entrepreneur, understanding what it means to be overwhelmed by the feeling of being torn. So, how do you battle the constant pull, mentally and physically, between the people who mean so much and the career that means so much as well?

Neale Godfrey speaks about being “in the moment” and applying the same strategic priority list she did at work to her personal life. Become the CEO of your life and to check the guilt at the door. Don’t beat yourself up for not being Superwoman — she’s overrated. If you have bought into the myth of “doing it all,” you’re going to feel torn in a hundred directions and guilty about not being present for any of the things you are doing. Remember, even Superwoman didn’t juggle all of the balls at once — if she did, even she would start to drop some.

Women can have it all, but it is about trade-offs and choice. It is more than just “Leaning In.”