Kyle Godfrey Ryan, who accused former CBS host Charlie Rose of sexual harassment, say she wants others to understand that people can be multi-faceted, referring to Rose as brilliant and a predator despite his character flaws.

She is also my daughter.

Kyle is a co-founder of Press Forward, a new initiative to stop sexual harassment and assault in newsrooms, create safe and healthy workplaces for women and men and ensure the integrity of the American press. It [informally launched]( in December 2017, on the same day *Time* magazine announced the [Silence Breakers as “Person of the Year.”](

Comprised of award-winning TV and print journalists, CEOs, lawyers, nonprofit professionals and management consultants, **Press Forward** was founded by current, former and aspiring female journalists. They created **Press Forward** out of a desire to effect change in an industry where they began theirr careers and find concrete solutions to the problems the industry is facing today. Their mission is to develop solutions that will change the media industry so that newsrooms are safe, inclusive and fair for all women.

The American press speaks truth to the American people. Until journalists – women and men alike – can do so in an environment that is civil and respectful, fair and free of sexual harassment, innuendo and assault, we cannot successfully deliver on this most basic of American constitutional rights. Now is the time for lasting culture change in media. By working together, we can **Press Forward**.

A former assistant to Charlie Rose, Kyle’s recent appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources eloquently captures how we all can press forward and heal when we look at ourselves in a mirror as well.