In her keynotes, Neale draws on her vast experience as a business executive, problem solver and a mom as she drops nuggets of wisdom people will talk about for years. “You can’t survive in business without a sense of humor,” she says. “It’s the same sense of humor you have to have to thrive in life.”

You will be hard-pressed to find another speaker who has starred in an off-Broadway show based on her own life! Tap Dancing Through the Boardroom is a one-woman program Neale has performed to sold-out crowds, a tour de force that recaps the hilarious misadventures she experienced on her journey to shatter the corporate glass ceiling. Below are some topics that have enthralled audiences around the globe.


  • · Why the Bottom Line is NOT Your Top Focus
  • · Three Things No One Tells You about Team Building
  • · Tap Dancing Through the Boardroom
  • · Gender Equality: After #MeToo…#NowWhat

Mom Inc

  • How to Raise Financially Responsible Children
  • There’s No Such Thing as “Work/Life” Balance
  • To Debt Do Us Part

Career & Work Transition

  • · Side Hustle Secrets
  • · Surviving Your Midlife Reboot
  • · The Veteran Entrepreneur

Retirement & Money Management

  • · Bitcoin: What’s New, What’s Next
  • · Building Wealth in Your Spare Time
  • · How to Leave Your Children Wealth (Without Going Broke)