I have talked about the importance of saving for retirement and have quoted, as have others, the dire statistics of past and current savings rates. Yes, the reality is that some people will have to work after reaching “retirement age” for financial reasons (everyday living expenses) but just as many of us working after retirement are doing so because it makes us happy and we can help multi-generations by sharing our expertise and compassion. The Department of Labor reports that about 25% of those over 65 are working.

Besides the obvious financial benefits, whether it’s delaying Social Security benefits a few years to grow your monthly benefit check (age 70 currently the maximum) or earning extra cash for luxuries like traveling to some exotic place, or to visit the grandchildren residing in another state more often, there is no denying the extra cash is a real bonus. However, the most significant benefit is that doing something I enjoy keep be both physically and mentally healthy. Many of the same problems exist today that did yesterday and technology will impact how we approach them, as I have gone from authoring books alone to including the web, social media and innovative phone apps for some of my books. My life lessons on money, careers and family dynamics are ageless.

It’s like the Pod concept that I write about, how great would it be to live with friends that have been a part of your life and to share not only costs but your life stories that make you laugh and cry. You will be embarking on new adventures and setting new life goals based on a new set of circumstances that you have designed and with the people you have chosen to share the next 50.