Stefanie O’Connell was well on her way to becoming a Broadway star — until the recession hit. The economic collapse forced her to rethink her future in a very big way.

Stefanie started her blog “The Broke and Beautiful Life” five years ago after realizing that her dream job of being an actress wouldn’t pay her expenses–not by a long shot.

Featured in major media outlets from *Dr. Oz, CBS News*, *The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post* and *Forbes,* she specializes in personal finance (with an emphasis on *personal*). Stefanie engages those who shy away from the word “investing,” scoff at the word “budget,” and equate interest rates with “snooze fest.”

She encourages readers to redefine their relationship with money and approach budgeting as an exciting and sexy tool to transform from broke to beautiful.

Her website is [](

Episode details:

2:00 How Stefanie lost her acting job

8:00 How to foster a positive money attitude

11:15 Money attitudes: millennials vs. Baby Boomers

14:00 Why millennials resist 401K and retirement plans

16:40 Millennial Mom Stress