Enter the fantasy world of Neale Godfrey’s Green$treets where kids play with a variety of characters, each with their own unique financial and ecological personalities. Designed by award-winning Tom Hester, the creator of Shrek, it combines fun game play, learning and connectivity to the important adults in your child’s life.
The Green$treets system has been developed over the last 30 years in books and financial literacy curricula used throughout educational systems across the country and around the world. Visit the main site at www.greenstreetscommon.com.
In game-play on the Green$treets App, Shmootz, the gooey, fuschia slob, has messed up the place and players have to clean up Shmootz messes. In real life, let’s face it, unless we had Shmootz, we wouldn’t be cleaning. Why would we do dishes unless they were dirty? Now let’s make this fun…


Shmootz™ is a mischievous and slobby glob of goo that is always making a hot mess of things for the residents of Green$treet Commons. This infuriating but also endearing “character” continually junks up the other characters’ locales with unwanted garbage and other debris, thereby providing player clean-up challenges and money earning opportunities. At each level, successful players can minimize Shmootz™’s time consuming impact on the game and its rewards by staying ahead of the clutterbug curve!
Penny Bright is one powerful feline. As her name suggests, she is a smart, fashion forward, tech-savvy, money managing wunder-kitten who has more ideas than the average cat, many of them entrepreneurial. Penny is assertive, protective of her friends, and a problem solver. She helps her fellow Green$treet Commons residents learn the basics of making and saving money, how to be eco-friendly (there’s only one place for litter in her world), and how to enjoy fun and finance concurrently. When an innovative consumer electronic gadget is introduced, she is first in line. In all things, Penny is an early adapter, ahead of the pack, and setting a strong-minded example for her posse and her fans.

Small Change is a hyper skateboarding, roller-blading, fun-loving rabbit. As a spendthrift, he blows through money as easily as he does a half-pipe. Always aspiring to emulate his Aesop forefather’s follies, he wants everything faster, can’t stand losing and is willing to take short cuts to achieve his goals. Sometimes his “easy way to riches” lands him in trouble because his plans are not thought through and make for disastrous detours. Small Change longs for Penny Bright’s approval, but his impulsive behaviors and hare-brained schemes haven’t impressed her, yet.

Opportunity is a character in a box, which you never see, because your opportunity is likely different from someone else’s opportunity. On Green$treet Commons, Opportunity will always gives you choices, some good and some bad, and it is up to you to select the right one. He teaches kids about taking risks.