Obstetric Fistula is a life changing, tragic and devastating condition which is affecting an estimated **2 million women and girls** across Africa. In the last decade, Freedom from Fistula has made incredible progress – helping more than **120,000 women and children** across projects in Sierra Leone, Malawi, Kenya and Madagascar. However, we are committed to doing more. We ask you to support us today as we pledge to continue our fight, to take action, to raise awareness and to transform the lives of women and girls in Africa. # **YOUR DONATIONS TRANSFORM LIVES!** **Because of you** Because of you I lost my dignity I lost my child I separated from my husband I can’t do anything Because of you Because of you I delay in my decision making I delay in reaching health facilities I delay to receive care at health facilities Because of you I tell girls to avoid early pregnancy I send my girl child to school I empower women All because of you Thank you Fistula **A poem by fistula survivor Beatrice, filmed at our Fistula Care Center in Malawi** [**MAKE A DONATION TODAY**]( “MAKE A DONATION TODAY”) For more information on our programs and work please visit our website: []( ‚Äč