Mark W. Davis is the Co-CEO of Signal Restoration Services, a U.S.-based disaster restoration company with headquarters in Troy, Michigan.

He is also the Chairman and CEO of PuroClean, a property damage restoration franchise that serves residential and commercial properties throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Mark has experienced a long-tenured career of entrepreneurial success – all because of a piece of advice that he took from a mentor at the age of twenty-two: *Learn Before You Earn.* He says three factors should influence decisions surrounding your professional future: Learning, Earning and Giving.

· **Early In Career:** **LEARNING**

o Fill your toolbox with tools*.* Ask questions like: Where am I going to learn the most? Where can I gain the tools that will be beneficial later in my career?

o If you’ve invested the lion’s share of the first part of your career in learning, you will have significant amount of earning potential by the time you reach your 40’s.

· **Mid-Career:** **EARNING**

o Your career decisions in the next two decades can then be shifted to focus on earning, then learning and giving.

· **Retirement:** **GIVING**

o Once you’re near retirement, your career priorities should shift toward giving, learning and earning – in that order.