Neale shattered the glass ceiling on her way to the top, succeeding in what was (and still can be) a man’s world. She was hired as one of Chase Manhattan’s first few female executives and eventually became the president of The First Women’s Bank and founder of The First Children’s Bank, but not without plenty to laugh about along the way. From her hiring at Chase despite a mishap with a typewriter to becoming the president of The First Women’s Bank, Godfrey relates her journey was undeterred by pajama pants and “Happy Tuesday”underwear–among other laugh-out-loud occurrences. “Neale tap danced her way into the boardroom and wears her success with an enviable sense of humor,” said Martha Burk, Chair of the National Council of Women’s Organizations and author of “Cult of Power: Sex Discrimination in Corporate America and What Can Be Done About It. “Neale’s success in business is only surpassed by her sense of humor in life.”