In the last few months the same story has played over and over, power drunken individuals preying on those in vulnerable positions. Many sports stars have had fame and power suddenly thrust on them (Shaun White) and with that comes unspoken permission for abhorrent behavior, including sexual harassment. They in essence have a “get out of jail free card”; they are protected by their coaches, schools, team owners, media and especially by their fans, who think winning is more important than the mental anguish that the victim might suffer. the more high profile the sports figure the stronger is their support until the victim is vilified enough that the sports star takes over the role of the victim. I know there are unscrupulous types that make unfounded accusations for personal gain however this is not always the case as most in the sports arena would have you believe. Some of the athletes accused of sexual harassment were recently listed in an article published by the New York Daily News and some names might surprise you. Until we all acknowledge that sexual harassment is an offence that, no one, no matter how talented or famous they may be, is above the law, we cannot expect meaningful change to take place.