Money is a tough subject to talk about, so it’s no surprise that many parents don’t know when or how to speak to their children about money matters. Financial literacy is still not taught in schools, despite it being such an important and basic life skill. And, let’s face it – it can also be a very boring subject! Which is where inherQuests (TM) comes in: the Quests in our Financial Fun Boxes can help by giving parents fun and unique ways to teach financial matters even to girls as young as five years old!

inherQuests (TM) Financial Fun Boxes are the first and only boxes of their kind. Our games are designed to help girls build a strong financial skill base. Parents lead their kids through Quests (games and activities) with our QuestGirls by their side. With fun and exciting Quests delivered to their mailbox, girls are led on an educational journey they won’t soon forget!

Unlike other games you may find, the Quests in our Financial Fun Boxes are built as a curriculum derived from the National Financial Educators’ Council’s Financial Literacy Standards & Framework. Games are designed by leading experts in banking, education, child development, toy design, writing, and content creation.

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