Join our Financial Friday series hosted by fitness star Drew Canole. Today we focus on how you can help your kids live successful, prosperous lives. From a very young age, children become aware of money and how it affects the household. It is important to approach the conversation about money with them intentionally and in a positive way. Between the ages of 3-5 kids are going to start saying “I want (fill in the blank)”. This is an excellent time to start teaching them that we don’t just get things we want out of thin air, we have to exchange money for them. And…money doesn’t grow on trees!! Even very young children can begin to learn simple concepts about money and how it works. Make it fun. Get them involved when you are paying for groceries or gas. Get them a piggy bank. Open up an ongoing conversation about money. You can find Drew at: Facebook: […]( Instagram: []( Twitter: [](