Award-winning actor. celebrity pitchman and legendary icon William Shatner joins Neale to talk about LottoGopher, his latest financial venture that’s poised to change the game for millions of Americans.

Neale also talks to blogger Britnie Sims who says today’s moms are bombarded with conflicting information everywhere they turn. She and Neale examine the most common mixed messages that affect the parenting choices of the millennial generation. A frequent contributor to the Oklahoma City Moms blog, Britnie’s website is

Episode Breakdown:

01:00 William Shatner intro

02:35 The genius & simplicity of LottoGopher

06:00 Importance of being a disrupter in business

10:00 Why we need to embrace technology

14:00 Using social media for good

15:00 Britnie Sims intro

17:00 How to find balance as a mom

21:00 How millennial moms handle discipline

26:00 Mixed messages about breastfeeding

28:30 Generational differences about “spoiling” children

30:30 popularity of the Oklahoma City Moms blog

33:20 Technology as a mixed message for moms