Steven David Elliot is CEO of Rockstar Connect a company that runs the largest networking events in the country for entrepreneurs.   Rockstar Connect will soon be producing 24,000 networking events worldwide per year, based on his philosophy of “you have to give in order to get”. Steven teaches that, through altruistic acts, you will be rewarded with material and spiritual abundance. His website is   If you’ve got money questions, Neale has the answers at     Episode Breakdown:   00:45 ASK NEALE: Husband Gives Too Much Money to Adult Son   02:30 Guest Intro   03:50 “Discover & Know Your Purpose”   11:50 “Be Truthful Always (Especially with Yourself)”   17:30 “Find Your Own Path”   22:30 “Relinquish Some Control”   25:15 “Help & Serve Others”