One way to avoid becoming a bag lady is to invest wisely. Millennials are not saving and investing in the stock market. According to a new [Harris Poll](, 40 percent said that they don’t have enough money and 34 percent said they don’t know how. Also, the poll results found that female Millennials were especially stumped with investing; three in four women, versus 60 percent of young men, said that investing was confusing. Come on, if you care about something, you can find information in an instant. Find out about investing. My favorite site to get easy-to-learn investing information is [Wall Street Survivor]( They have simple explanations and even courses to bolster your confidence in taking the investing plunge. Avoiding the stock market is a foolish move. You have the time value of compounding on your side; take advantage of it. If you just have a little to invest, and you are not comfortable going to a financial house, do it yourself. There are lots of mobile investing devices on the market. I’m an advisor to [DriveWealth](, a full carrying broker-dealer giving global access to investors to buy stock in the U.S. market. You don’t need to be a money maven to invest. You know what you eat, what mobile devices you use, and the clothes you wear. You know more about trends than any generation. Start to invest on a regular basis. If it’s only a little each week, it’s a start. Do it.