For example, the Bull & Bear. very aggressive and fierce animals, are most often associated with the financial industry, specifically the stock market. There are all kinds of theories as to why these animals became the symbols for the stock market, the most popular one is that the markets are reflective of their “combative style”, bears swipe down (down markets) and bulls horns swipe up (up markets), both images can invoke a sense of aggression.

I remember when I first considered the financial arena as a possible career path, I thought the jobs would all be combative with a “survivor of the fittest” mentality (all occupations have their highs and lows). However, far from it, I remember when I went from a consumer-oriented environment to the financial industry, I was scared but it was the best job move I ever made. I just wanted to let young women know that changing careers can be very rewarding and your degree may be in one field but you might find yourself working in a totally different field. Remember images are just images, do not be afraid to try something different, you might be surprised. I would like to hear from others that have made a career change and how it has impacted your life.