Neale Godfrey’s Be Money Smart in Tough Times: For Parents and Grandparents is not only a must-have guide for parents and grandparents but for every adult to understand their relationship with money. It is an incredible tool for teaching financial literacy to children of all ages, even the adult kids, but it also teaches values and responsibility. It gives parents a clear-eyed view of their financial acumen and also helps them understand when they are using money as a substitute for something else in their relationship with their kids. This is a book about life, it is just taught through the lens of money.

Joyce M. Roché

Former President and CEO, Girls Incorporated

Raising financially-smart kids from a young age is imperative as it gives them the financial building blocks to better prepare them for their future. The earlier that parents teach their kids about personal finance, the more time their kids will have to learn, ask questions, and make mistakes in a safe and supervised way. Neale’s work in the financial literacy space is so important, and this book will be a great resource for all families as they raise the next financially successful generation.


Tim Sheehan

Co-Founder and CEO, Greenlight