Millions of women are trying to climb the corporate ladder but many lack the courage or confidence to get from one rung to the next. Personal finance guru Chellie Campbell offers an engaging, empowering guide for women to reduce financial stress and maximize wealth and success at any stage of their careers.

Using proven strategies from her popular Financial Stress Reduction workshops, Chellie teaches her followers how to watch out for common pitfalls and harness the strengths they need to drive their careers forward. Her website is [](http://www./)

Episode Breakdown:

0:47 ASK NEALE: My Teen Wants to Invest

2:15 Guest Intro

5.11 TIP #1: Think positive. Like mind over matter, mind over money begins with believing you deserve it and can get it.

8:00 TIP #2 Send out ships. You can wait for your ship to come in, but if you don’t send any out, it’s going to be a long wait.

11:20 TIP #3 Count your money. Money is a game and you must know the score.

13:20 TIP #4 Swim with dolphins. Being “in the swim” will depend largely on who you’re swimming with. Find “your people” and avoid sharks.

15:00 Why women fall victim to “The Good Girl Syndrome”

19:15 TIP #5 Survive the storms. You must weather interior storms as well as exterior ones. Persistence is key.

25:20 Dealing with energy vampires and dream crushers

28:40 TIP #6 Striving for balance and enlightenment by pursuing what you love