This is fueled largely by the fact that nearly 50% of those currently working in these fields are over 50 and approaching retirement and that the need for these types of services is growing exponentially with the population. This past February CNBC reported that the occupation of financial advisor is currently one of the toughest jobs to fill.

Women are well suited to this once male dominated profession because they tend to be empathetic, nurturing, collaborative and build relationships based on trust. This is a heavily regulated field and requires excellent time management skills but the jobs are personally rewarding and the pay is equal for everyone, you can usually set your own hours and, if you want, can build your own business. It is a career that is now based on transparency, helping and educating clients as compared to the past when “selling” was king.

According to ThinkAdvisor, a financial publication, many in the socially conscious arena are switching careers from education, social and community services to these professions because they can better positively impact people’s lives and futures.