In The Million Dollar Equation entrepreneur and business strategist Richelle Shaw shares valuable tools to grow your business. The books offers tips and insights on everything from:

  1. The need to have a great solution to your base’s problem,
  2. The importance of clearly defining your target market,
  3. Implementing a follow-up system,
  4. Ways to accelerate your business offerings to generate auto-income, and
  5. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

The Million Dollar Equation is a frequent reference for me on my entrepreneurial journey and something I read today reminded me of the key take away from V-Wise Pittsburgh…“Be Bold Enough to Make it Happen!” Here’s a quote from the book:

“90% of the time, you know exactly what it is you should be doing, but you have chosen to do a workaround. The one thing that makes you super uncomfortable in your business right now is probably the one thing that is going to catapult you to the next level.”

If I didn’t believe this to be true the first time I read the book, I certainly believe it now…having attended V-Wise where each and every speaker delivered a message with a common theme…be bold. I believe a part of what being bold means is to do the thing you are most uncomfortable doing in order to make things happen for yourself and your business. As you may recall, I am an independent bookseller with an eCommerce bookshop and since returning from Pittsburgh I’ve made three bold moves:

  1. I’ve made myself visible among a group of bookseller peers, whereas in the past I was just lurking in the background because I did not want to open myself (or my business model) up to criticism. However, I understand that I need not only the criticism from those in my industry, but also the knowledge and expertise.

  2. I am actively seeking opportunities to bring my bookshop offline and into my community through partnerships with established brick and mortar businesses and organizations. While not having a brick and mortar of my own is perfectly fine, I still desire face-time with my community and hoping to host more pop-up bookshops around West Michigan.

  3. I started working on putting my business plan on paper.

What bold moves have you made since returning from V-Wise Pittsburgh? #BeBold