Today’s guest is Wayne Weber, CEO and Founder of Gift of College, a company that revolutionizes college savings. He is passionate about providing families a simple and easy way to save for college tuition – bringing change to a complex process. His website is [](

Saving for college in today’s world is a big challenge, especially given the costs. The expenses surrounding a college education today are astounding. According to, the [average annual cost]( of a four-year private college is $49,320 per year, and public colleges can cost an average $9,650 for in-state residents, and $24,930 for out-of-state residents. How do you know what to save and ensure that your kids are able to pay for college without incurring a huge debt-burden?

The best advice is to start saving as early as possible. Are you pregnant? Start now! Additionally, encourage your friends and family to help you along the way. Every penny will help and the sooner you start, the better you can take advantage of the miracle of compounding. If you push off saving, your child will incur more debt. You note that I said, “Your child will incur.” Don’t use your retirement money to help pay for your child’s college. Remember, they are young and can borrow or apply for financial aid; you cannot borrow or get a scholarship for retirement.