The good news more and more vacation venues such as theme parks like Disney and Six Flags are making some adjustments to accommodate families with special needs.. The various accommodations range from designating “special areas” in their parks that are more attuned to people (both children and adults) with special needs to preferred seating (front). Parks such as Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana; Sea World in San Diego, California; Legoland in Carlsbad, California or Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pennsylvania; to name a few, offer some special services, however, it takes a little planning ahead to ensure they meet your family needs.

There is one theme park that is 100% designed for families with special needs children and, because it is a non-for-profit organization, there is no Admission Fee for children with special needs, both AFFORDABLE and FUN. It is MORGAN’S WONDERLAND in San Antonio, Texas. I am sure many would love to hear about other vacation ideas for families with special needs children, please share. Let’s create fun family memories for all.