We’ve all heard the stories about how money and its power can destroy relationships. Can money issues tear the love out of marriage?  The answer is, “Yes.”  Each of us know a friend or family member, who has experienced this.  It’s heartbreaking, but real. I have two close friends who have lived through relationships torn apart by money issues.  In each case, the spouse (one example is a male and the other is a female), was the bread-winner and provided a great lifestyle to the other.  In both cases, they landed on hard times and lost their businesses and their spouses as the money started to dry up. **Do You Argue About Money?** Money issues are personal.  For many, money is life’s report card and for others, it may be a way to control a relationship.  We get blinded by the way we decide to handle money, and we often feel that our approach is the “right” one.  When we get that entrenched in our own beliefs, the trouble starts; the recriminations and the fighting begins.