We know that work is good and healthy, but it is not always good for our teens. If your teen is going work, be involved with your teen in the job choice. Be careful not to take on their responsibilities but it is up to you to discuss safety, training, location and schedule.

If your child does work, it is up to you to monitor your child’s work environment and to keep tabs on school work. Confirm that grades don’t suffer because your child is too tired from working and keep an eye on attendance. School comes first.

**Keep Those Grades Up**
Reinforcing the importance of education will have real, dollars and cents ramifications. In addition to instilling a good work ethic, good grades are not only necessary in order for your child to get accepted by the college of choice, but to help pay for it.

Let’s face it: College and other post-high school education is expensive. But, schools are offering sizable amounts of aid based mostly on academic promise in order to bridge the loss of brighter students to less-expensive public colleges.

**Talk is Cheap, but Invaluable**
Your high school teens will probably reach that period when they think they know more than you — in fact, more than anyone. You need to continue the money dialogues and lessons. Include your kids in family money and budget discussions.