by Stacey Julien/ You thought you were long done with the day-to-day [catering to your child’s needs]( When Junior flew the coop, it was supposed to be, well, for good. But after a [rough patch in the adult world](, he’s suddenly back on your couch, his size 12s on your coffee table, planning another night out instead of a way out of your house. Sigh …. You may find some comfort in knowing that you’re part of a growing trend of [boomerang kids](, and that the recession is much to blame for it. [Multigeneration households]( have increased significantly over the past five years. ‚Äč According to a survey by the Pew Research Center last December, three in 10 parents of adult children (29 percent) report that the [economy forced their grown child]( to move back in with them in the past few years. Adults age 25 to 34 are among the most likely to be living in [multigenerational households](