Early in my career, I was often overwhelmed by the feeling of being torn. I was constantly pulled, mentally and physically, between the people who mean so much to me and the career that means so much to me. It began as a young professional, when I got a chance to go through the global credit training program at Chase Bank and become one of the company’s first female executives. Did I have to work longer hours than my male counterparts? Yes. Did I have to be more prepared? Yes. Did I want to prove I was an equal? Yes. Was I thrilled to do this? Absolutely. But, how could I explain this to my husband, my friends, and later, to my kids? Long days, long nights, and long weekends of work— you know the syndrome. I’ll admit, there were even nights I slept at the bank because I worked too late to leave. So, does all this mean I’d advise my younger self to compromise? To choose between having a career, a husband (for a while), kids, and friends? No way. What I would tell her is to apply the strategic priority list she did at work to her personal life. You are the CEO of your life…just remember: check the guilt at the door.