Your kids have worked hard and earned money; now it’s time to learn to save, spend and share their earnings.


Get four (4) clear plastic jars or pouches and label them:

  • Charity Jar = 10%
  • Quick-Cash Jar = 30%
  • Medium-Term Savings Jar = 30%
  • Long-Term Savings Jar = 30%

Hint: Make sure that you have coins and bills on hand so that you have the correct amounts for your kids to count out into the appropriate jars.

By the way – the old-fashioned piggy bank doesn’t do it. First of all, a budget creates a habit of “dividing” money into different categories for different goals whereas a piggy bank commingles all of the money without a clear expectation. Secondly, we want kids to see the joy of the budget, visually. You can’t look into a piggy bank.

Each Pay Day, help your children to count their earnings into the appropriate budget jar. Please download the full description of the four jars in the PDF below.