Meet Neale Godfrey

Neale S. Godfrey is the financial voice for women and Baby Boomers as well as a world-renowned speaker and author, who has inspired millions through her work. She motivates, trains, educates, and frankly, entertains by delivering her core message: Empower yourself to take control of your financial life. Neale brings an important perspective on connecting the financial dots for families, which she currently delivers to thousands of general corporate audiences and financial advisors.

Neale currently services on the Board of Advisors for the following organizations:

  • DriveWealth, LLC, a registered broker/dealer with a low cost, mobile investing platform;
  • EarlyBird Central, Inc., a boutique investment bank, which has created an app for parents, family, and friends to make a financial gift to the kids most important in their lives;
  • Greenlight Financial Technology, Inc., a permission-based spending card for children, giving parents the ability to “greenlight” transactions.

She is also an Innovation Fellow and Executive in Residence at the Columbia Graduate School of Business as well as the Senior Mentor for the Think Bigger: The Innovation Method course at The Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center. Neale is a popular contributor to, writes as a personal finance contributor to Kiplinger, and serves audiences of all ages with thought-provoking content on critical money topics.